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IV Workflow

What makes this compounding software so extraordinary is the seamless integration between our existing Batch Compounding module and our latest offering – the Dynamic Patient Specific Compounding module; so you can track and trace each ingredient …from Pedigree to Patient®.

  • Implementation – Easily incorporate more standard operating procedures with less time required, using our proprietary Formulary Management System and Global Deployment options.
  • Adoption – Strike an ideal balance of quality and process controls for your compounding needs, to ensure technicians aren’t wasting time on unnecessary production method tasks.

Our exceptional configurability works in tandem with ConsortiEX’s highly intuitive user interface to make Assure-Trak® easily customizable to your particular CSP needs and pharmacy operating requirements.

Assure-Trak® Batch Compounding module – With an eye towards cGMP and grounded in the Compounding Sterile Products Act (USP <797>), our Batch module allows pharmacists and technicians to perform batch preparation more efficiently, effectively, and accurately. Now 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant!

Assure-Trak® Dynamic Patient Specific Compounding module – Addresses CSP/preparation for patient specific doses, and works seamlessly with our batch software .

This innovative and comprehensive IV Workflow Management system is the ideal companion to our DSCSA Compliance as a Service Application. Together, they provide you with a more versatile, thorough, and user-friendly way to deploy technology-assisted process controls throughout your health system.

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