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Strengthen patient safety

IV Workflow Management
– Dynamic Patient Specific Compounding module

The Dynamic Patient Specific (DPS) Compounding module is the latest addition to the ConsortiEX™ Pharmacy-Focused ERP solution – which enables you to achieve complete track and trace capability …from Pedigree to Patient®.

  • Speed CSP data set implementation – Our unique Formulary Management System (FMS) database structure allows administrative users to easily select only the hospital’s approved Drugs and Diluents.
  • Improve user acceptance – Easily configurable design lets you decide the appropriate level of process and quality controls for each step in the compounding process.
  • Bi-directional interoperability – Conveniently integrates with your Health Information System to ensure medication orders populate system queues and compounding ingredient information can be sent back.
  • Facilitate decision-making – Analytics enable users to easily review and manage compounding data, including such KPIs as errors, financials, and process improvement.

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Dynamic Patient Specific Module

It seamlessly integrates with our Batch module and the rest of the Pharmacy-Focused ERP, to meet your needs for DSCSA compliance, patient safety, and process efficiency, so you can manage the total Ingredient Lifecycle …from Pedigree to Patient®.

  • Track & Trace each ingredient from production to patient administration.
  • Consolidate all documentation into a single electronic Production Record (instantly searchable by NDC, CNDC, lot number, expiration date, and Beyond Use Date).
  • Product labels with barcode identification and verification provide a consistent order of information, with an embedded CSP individual serial number.
  • Instantly identify recalled pharmaceuticals, including APIs, at any point in the supply chain.

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