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Introducing a convenient orders platform for cost-effectively distributing and acquiring certified-quality products.

The Assure-Trak® Compounding EXchange application is the perfect complement to the Assure-Trak® IV Workflow Management  system, allowing you to centralize all inbound orders, and effectively manage demand. Our application is fully integrated and compliant with the DEAs Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS). It also works for both batch compounding hub-and-spoke approaches of a 503A and batch compounding distribution models of a 503B.

The Assure-Trak® Compounding EXchange allows customers and affiliate organizations to access inventories of certified-quality products.

  • Reliable – Certified quality is your assurance that you can use products from other Assure-Trak® Batch Compounding module customers with the utmost confidence.
  • Cost-effective – Supports hospitals’ re-insourcing efforts to help minimize the cost of CSPs acquired from outsourcing facilities.
  • Scalable – Provides complete order reconciliation for outsourcing facilities and quickly scales to meet growing demand from customers.

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