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Passive Audit

ConsortiEX™ takes IV Workflow Management to a new level, moving beyond isolated snapshots at fixed points in time, to continuous video capability for more comprehensive monitoring.

  • Thorough – Continuous monitoring assures a more complete view of your compounding processes, reducing the risk of a decoy syringe or bag being used for image capture.
  • Versatile – Time & date stamped compounding tasks ensure pharmacists can view a single moment of production, as well as the entirety of the task.
  • Detailed – High-resolution optical zoom captures quality images for use in volumetric evaluations, giving pharmacists added confidence to validate syringes and final products.
  • Proactive – Various mounting positions within and outside the clean room, and a wide-angle view aid drug diversion prevention.

Our cloud-based, Pharmacy-Focused ERP incorporates all the additional data collected with the Magnifier-RX application, providing remote users an unparalleled view of all compounding activities, the clean room, and staff technique. This enables users to manage the total Ingredient Lifecycle across a health system or outsourcing facility, while limiting the hardware footprint required for IV Workflow Management.

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