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IV Workflow Management
– Batch Compounding module

The Batch Compounding module delivers everything necessary for the anticipatory compounding needs of hospital and outsourcing pharmacies in one convenient package.

  • Comprehensive – Easily prepare, verify, track, and document CSPs.
  • Specialized – Explicitly designed to meet Compounding Quality Act and USP<797> guidelines for 503A & 503B facilities.
  • Innovative – Establishes a new level of process and quality control.

It seamlessly integrates with our Dynamic Patient Specific Module and the rest of the Pharmacy-Focused ERP, to meet your needs for DSCSA compliance, patient safety, and process efficiency, so you can manage the total Ingredient Lifecycle …from Pedigree to Patient®.

  • Track & Trace each ingredient from production to patient administration.
  • Consolidate all documentation into a single electronic Batch Record (instantly searchable by NDC, CNDC, lot number, expiration date, and Beyond Use Date).
  • Product labels with barcode identification simplify and accelerate verification.
  • Configurable compounding procedure steps and documentation allow only defined NDCs and materials to be used.
  • Instantly identify recalled pharmaceuticals, including APIs, at any point in the supply chain.
  • Ingredient calculations provide suggested quantities for each individual ingredient needed to produce a CSP based on SOPs for a desired batch size.
  • Yield calculations help optimize production, reduce waste, and minimize cost, while maintaining quality standards.

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